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About us

We create intelligent products together with idea owners and domain experts!

We research, architect and develop Data and AI applications, leveraging state of the art software engineering techniques, solving problems in the realm of Affective Computing, Assistive Technologies, Sustainability and Internet of Things. We leverage human knowledge and expertise alongside Data Science and AI to make our products more 'intelligent'.

Our projects involve solving complex, interdisciplinary problems with Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. We work with diverse sets of individuals to bring their ideas to life. We also work with various organizations at solution designing and R&D capacity utilizing AI and Data Science.

What we are into

Leverage state of the art software development methodologies, building robust and highly available intelligent applications. Follows an iterative approach to corporate strategy to foster colaborations.

Affective Computing

We research and develop systems that can recognize, interpret, process, and simulate human affects.

Assistive Technologies

We collaborate with experts, research and develop innovative technologies to help people with disabilities.


We build AI and IoT based solutions catering towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

IoT: Edge and Cloud Intelligence

We advice, architect and develop smart connected solutions both on cloud and edge.

Intelligent Applications

We leverage ML and AI, keeping human in the loop to make software applications more intelligent. We also leverage ML and AI to optimize existing software development processes.

Ops: Data, ML, AI

We use state of art operations techniques and processes to deploy, monitor and optimize your data, ML or AI solutions into production.
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